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The summer months are starting to roll around and before you know it your table will be heaving under a mass of stunning seafood. This is a time of year that demands beautiful wine. Victoria Murphy explores some options to share with family and friends.

Aussie Prosecco

When it comes to seafood, the Italianate Prosecco fits the bill perfectly. For the first time in history Australian wine makers seem to be doing it better than the Italians, with Aussie brands currently outselling traditional labels. The wine itself is light, sweet and sparkling, which sits perfectly with seafoods, salads, cream sauces, dips, cheese, and fruit.

According to fourth generation wine maker, Caroline Brown, this makes it “a wine you can drink all day long starting at breakfast.” The Italians use it to make their traditional Bellini, which is a great pre-barbecue cocktail. Simply mix a little peach puree in a champagne glass and top with Prosecco.

A bubbly christmas

When it comes to Christmas you’ll no doubt be reaching for some bubbles to toast the festive season. Since forever it’s been drilled into us that if you what the best it has to be French... right? Well, maybe not anymore.

Like the Prosecco, Australian sparkling wines have come of age with some now challenging those made in Champagne. The Patricia Sparkling by Brown Brothers is leading the way.

This wine is made from grapes grown at high altitude, just like in Champagne and they use exactly the same technique as producers in the famous French region. Compared to the classic Veuve the difference is minuscule, while the Patricia leaves NV Moët for dead. The only catch is it can be hard to find. Like any good wine it’s only made in a good vintage year. Only limited stock ends up in bottle shops so if you do see it - grab it. You and your guests will be delighted.

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