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Summer in Sydney would not be complete without a day or two spent out on the gorgeous harbour. There are hundreds of options available for hiring boats, but one stands out well above the rest – Oscar II. This 105 foot super yacht is in a class of its own, oozing luxury.

From the moment you step on this boat you will feel like a super star. From the plush carpeted lounge room to the large formal dining room you could easily think you’re in a penthouse apartment.

This stunning cruiser sleeps eight comfortably. You can have an intimate formal dinner for up to eight people or a cocktail party for up to 64. The kitchen is massive and there are plenty of toilets and showers.

There are three different living areas on the boat and loads of extra space. There’s also a bar section at the back of the boat. Hire options include waiters and catering with your charter, while downstairs is a huge deck complete with lounges and a BBQ.

And just to top of the ridiculousness there’s a spa at the front. Everything on this boat is world class and if you are looking for a special day out on the harbor this is definitely the boat for you. You will need a fair bit of cash though… it costs $2,500 per hour to hire and that’s just for the boat, petrol and skipper.

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